Business Partner

ACRE provides a common ground for multiple domains of businesses to come together in its endeavour to create value for the system. ACRE acts in harmony with a large number of business associates for mutual benefit. The relationship is based on principles like transparency, fair deal while dealings with associates with the objective of building relationships based on mutual trust. The business associates derive long term benefits as a result of such partnership.



Valuation of assets is a key activity at the pre-acquisition phase. Valuation is also done at regular intervals for assets acquired by ACRE. The valuation exercise may involve

  • Business Valuation
  • Valuation of Financial Securities, Instruments & Derivatives
  • Valuation of Industrial Assets, Plant & Machinery
  • Valuation of Real Estate
  • Valuation of Infrastructure Assets & Specialized Assets

For all activities pertaining to valuation, ACRE has a pool of valuation agencies associated with it. The assignment is awarded to the agencies on the basis of merit and quality of deliverables.


Law Firms

ACRE being in the business of acquisition & resolution of stressed assets of banks & FIs requires legal advice on transactions very frequently. Moreover during the process of acquisition, legal opinion regarding various aspects like legal status of assets, documentations etc is needed. During the process of resolution, services of legal advisors with expertise at handling matters pertaining to Debt Recovery Tribunals, BIFR and various courts are procured. Other areas where services of law firms are procured involve:

  • Due Diligence
  • Structuring/Restructuring
  • Taxation (Direct and Indirect)
  • Real Estate
  • Litigation & Arbitration



Investors looking to invest in distressed assets can find a lot of mutually beneficial opportunities of investment. Those looking to acquire industries from a specific sector and then turn them around, can find such avenues of investment as a part of asset bouquet of ACRE. Investment opportunities for investors looking to invest in the real estate also come up very frequently as ACRE is involved in sale of assets under SARFAESI Act.

Investors who intend to invest in financial instruments like Security receipts can be the beneficiary of the good asset quality of ACRE. The asset backed SRs have high probability of good returns within the time limits specified under SARFAESI Act.

Business Opportunities

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